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Our standard appointment consists of a full bath, hair trimming, nail clipping and/or any additional services you request. More »

We groom all types of dogs

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Facial trimming is our speciality.

Facial trimming is our speciality. More »

Scrub a dub-dub....Dog in the tub

We do a complete cleaning and drying before we groom your pet. We use pet safe (green) shampoo and rinse products. More »

We treat your dog like Royality!

We take special care of your dog because we love dogs and love to be with them. More »



We are looking for an ALL BREED GROOMER !

Just as people shower, shave, and comb their hair to look and feel their best, pets need grooming to look and feel their best, too.  To keep your four-legged furry friends happy, seek the professional pet grooming services by Sue Daniels and associates in Westminster, CO.

We offer expert Dog Grooming!

Our pet salon began services over 20 years ago, and today we are the trusted  dog groomers, both big and small.  We are certified pet groomers for any age and any breed pet.  All of our groomers have been professionally trained to properly care for pets and pay the closest attention to detail.  From the top of the ears to the tips of the tails, we take the time to bath, brush, dry, and clip your animals to ensure they leave looking and feeling their best. In addition to pet grooming.  Because each pet has its own unique needs, we would be more than happy to accommodate your needs.  We want both you and your pet to be happy.

In addition to taking our time with the pet, we also take time with the pet’s family.

Parent education is a large part of pet grooming.  We offer free one-on-one consultations with pet parents on proper home grooming techniques.  Which brushes are best for long and short-haired animals, what shampoos to use while bathing, and nail clipping will all be discussed.  During this time we will also answer any questions you may have with honesty and sincerity.  Knowing proper pet grooming helps reduce the stress level of pets while they are here as well as strengthening the bond between pets and their parents.

Is your pet in need of some professional tender loving care?  When it comes to getting the very best dog grooming (sorry – no cats) for your precious family member, it can be difficult to choose which animal groomer will best fit your pet’s unique needs.  At Barkin Barbers we provide your pets top quality care, over  two decade’s of experience, and a stellar track record of satisfied owners and pets.

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